Pogo Stylus for iPhone and iPod Touch

Soft-tipped stylus eliminates your iPhone fingers

Pogo Stylus for iPhone and iPod Touch
Ten One Design has announced the iPhone and iPod Touch's first stylus -dubbed the Pogo.

The aluminium body and soft tip apparently obviates the use of fingers when fondling your iPhone, which to be honest isn't something the Apple handset has been crying out for (considering the applications are mostly optimised for finger control anyway), but there's no denying that a bit of extra precision and clarity wouldn't go amiss when typing and browsing.

There's also a pretty good chance that a chunky stylus like the Pogo could really help out on some of the games for the iPhone - freeing up the screen by moving your big fat sausage fingers out of the way (and it'll also help those with nails like kitchen knives, too). The Pogo comes with two clips for storing the stick alongside your handset - one for each of the case designs we've seen so far.

The glass screens are total fingerprint magnets, which the Pogo will help to resolve, though the thought occurs that it'll have to be put down when 'pinching' the screen - something web browsing users will do a lot of.

But, as long as the Pogo is effective enough to meet the capacitive induction needs of the iPhone's touchscreen, it sounds like a pretty dandy peripheral for the gamers and business users, even if it does look just a wee bit like a stubbed out cigarette.

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