MobiHand launching 'App Store for BlackBerry'

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MobiHand launching 'App Store for BlackBerry'
It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a tech firm in possession of a good smartphone platform must be in want of an App Store.

At least, that's the common assumption, following the success of the iPhone's App Store. Android has the Android Market, and now BlackBerry is getting its own on-device application store, courtesy of MobiHand and CrackBerry.

MobiHand has built the store for CrackBerry, and according to MocoNews it'll let users browse and search for BlackBerry apps from a range of categories, using the BlackBerry Wallet to purchase them.

Games will surely be one of the key elements in the store, with a healthy catalogue of titles already available for BlackBerry smartphones.

However, as MocoNews points out, it would be surprising if BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion isn't working on its own application store, which would presumably be preloaded on handsets.

Still, for games publishers keen to generate more revenues from the platform, CrackBerry's store is a welcome development.
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