Speaker spotlight: Kristoffer Benjaminsson, Fast Travel Games

At Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki, Kristoffer Benjaminsson will be talking about Achieving Console-Like Experiences on Mobile

Speaker spotlight: Kristoffer Benjaminsson, Fast Travel Games

Kristoffer Benjaminsson is the CTO at Fast Travel Games. At Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki on September 11-12, he'll be talking about Achieving Console-Like Experiences on Mobile. Click here for more info on the show and to buy your tickets.

Kristoffer joined the games industry in 2006, and has over the past decade at EA DICE and Frostbite contributed to a multitude of AAA titles. He lead teams, and held senior technical leadership positions before co-founding Fast Travel Games where he is the CTO. Kristoffer is passionate about bringing immersive game experiences to mobile platforms.

Q: What does your role at the company entail?

A: As the CTO and Co-founder of a small studio I'm deeply involved in everything from long term technical and business strategy decisions to everyday hands on programming on our titles.

Q: What do you think have been the most exciting developments in gaming since the last Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki?

A: This is actually my first Pocket Gamer! But as a long time mobile evangelist and as CTO for a VR games studio I find the development around mobile VR extremely exciting. Especially the development that is happening around stand-alone headsets with positional tracking.

Q: What are your thoughts on the way the industry has grown in the last 12 months?

A: Coming from the AAA side of things, and being a long time evangelist for mobile games with AAA production values and fidelity, It's extremely pleasing to see the success games such as Fortnite have. For mobile in general it's great to see the continued growth and that more people become gamers as they discover games to their liking. There really is something for everyone.

Q: What do you think the next 12 months in mobile gaming are going to look like?

A: I think we will continue to see mobile grow on multiple fronts. Personally I'm looking forward to see what standalone VR headsets do to the adoption of VR gaming. For me mobile VR with positional tracking for head and hands is a game changer that will enable people to immerse themselves wherever they are and whenever they want. Naturally I'm curious to see what happens in the wake of Fortnite on mobile and if more studios and publishers will follow in Epic's footsteps.

Q: Which part of Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki are you most looking forward to and why?

A: As this is my first I'm mostly looking forward to taking it all in. And to share our experiences from porting a piece of Apex Construct to mobile of course!

About Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki

In a few short weeks the whole mobile gaming industry is set to descend on Helsinki for Pocket Gamer Connects. The event, which runs from September 11th to September 12th, is packed full of talks, tracks, networking opportunities, and more. You can read about the full conference schedule here.

There are still tickets available for the show, and if you click this link right here you'll get all the information you need on how to buy them, and what's going to be happening in Helsinki over the two days.

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