Company Spotlight: Audiomob

Find out more about Audiomob, the award-winning Audio Adtech company based in the UK and UAE

Company Spotlight: Audiomob

Company Name

Date Founded

Business Type
Audio Advertising Tech (Adtech)

London, UK and Abu Dhabi, UAE

Managing Director:
Christian Facey (CEO and Founder), Wilfrid Obeng (Co-Founder and CTO)

Key Staff
Munib Tahir (Head of Gaming Partnerships), Rohan Premnath (Head of Customer Success)

Number of Employees
Approximately 44

Contact Details

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Game Links

Key Games:

Socialpoint: Word Life

TapNation: Ice Cream, Inc., Pocket Monster Squad Rush

ZeptoLab: Om Nom: Run

Wolves Interactive: Traffic Tour Car Racer

Main Areas of Business:

Audio Advertising in Mobile Gaming/Gaming

Elevator Pitch:

Audiomob is an adtech company providing a non-intrusive monetization solution for mobile games. Our technology integrates audio ads into gameplay using a simple plugin, allowing advertisers to receive high LTRs by connecting them to millions of gamers worldwide. Our format also gives developers an easier way to monetize their games, while gamers are provided with a non-intrusive mobile gaming experience.

Projects and/or Partners:

Socialpoint, TapNation, ZeptoLab, Wolves Interactive

Highlight/s to Date/Greatest Achievement So Far:

- Receiving support from Google for Startups’ Black Founders Fund
- Scaling up from 9 employees to almost 50 within a year
- Expanding our operations to the fast-scaling tech sector in Abu Dhabi, UAE
- Being featured in numerous tier 1 publications within the last year, including Forbes, WIRED and Business Insider
- Receiving awards, including:
- StartUp of the Year Award 2022 (for London and the East of England)
- Hurun UK Under 30 Awards (Christian Facey)
- Establishing partnerships with major brands including P&G and McDonald’s

Greatest Achievement So Far:

See above

Tell us something about you that nobody really knows:

From Munib Tahir (Head of Gaming Partnerships): "I'm Canadian of south Asian background, living in Germany and working for a British company. Having lived, worked & studied in 6 different countries, I love the diversity we have at Audimob, which makes us a very unique and exciting company." regularly posts content from a variety of guest writers across the games industry. These encompass a wide range of topics and people from different backgrounds and diversities, sharing their opinion on the hottest trending topics, undiscovered gems and what the future of the business holds.