FTUE: Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

EA builds a deck

FTUE: Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

In our First Time User Experience videos, we play the first 10 minutes of F2P mobile games to experience how developers are onboarding their players in terms of the UX and basic tutorial process.

In this episode of FTUE, we play EA Mobile's much anticipated card-based action-RPG Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.

Far, far away

EA is no strange to CCGs, having released Heroes of Dragon Age back in 2013.

Yet, it's an interesting design decision to make given the mass market and global appeal of Star Wars.

CCGs work well in Asia but in the west tend to appeal to a more core audience.

Nevertheless, the game's tutorial is straightforward, taking us through the basic battling gameplay, as well character card summoning, item upgrading etc.

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