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Get future trends now with our Mobile Game Developer Trends Survey 2021

Our 2021 trends survey has all the answers

Get future trends now with our Mobile Game Developer Trends Survey 2021

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The one constant in the global games market is change.

Very little remains static in a rapidly evolving industry being pushed forward by new technology, new markets, and the seemingly endless demand for new experiences.

The growing ubiquity of mobile devices as the primary access point for the world’s population, combined with the incredible capabilities of the modern smartphone means that games - of whatever description - are now accepted as part of the daily lives of people who may never buy, or have access to, a dedicated ‘videogames’ device.

The mobile market continues to pioneer new types of entertainment and new ways to get it into the hands of this enormous global audience.

Virtual and augmented reality, blockchain and non-fungible token (NFT) economies, location-based gaming and the ongoing success of hypercasual games (described at one recent PocketGamer Connects event as “games for people who don’t play games”) show a sector that has yet to reach, let alone fully explore its outer limits.

All of which makes the mobile games space a fascinating place to be in 2021. The combination of market maturity, near-universal accessibility, and huge global jump in demand over the lockdown periods of 2020 have put mobile games into the hands of more players than ever.

Topics and trends

Our developer survey, created in conjunction with our friends at AdInMo, was created to cut through this endless exploration and excitement and provide a deep dive into the topics and trends that game creators in the mobile world are facing on a daily basis.

From insight into the studios themselves to their relationships with publishers, players, and the opportunities ahead, we’ve asked the world’s leading developers to share their experience and expertise in designing, developing, monetising, and publishing mobile games in 2021.

We’ve captured the topics, technologies and trends facing game creators in a marketplace that is still growing, still evolving and offering ever more diverse experiences.

Comprehensive questions

The survey features 30 questions, covering everything from game genres and player types, to budgets, monetisation, marketing and more.

We spoke to founders, business leaders and pioneers of the mobile games sector, to get their insight into the challenges, and opportunities they see ahead.

AdInMo CEO, Kristan Rivers, said: “Chatting to our developers both virtually and in the live events that have started to return, there’s a real feeling of optimism in the community.

It’s great to see in this report that over three-quarters of us are positive or very positive about the global mobile games development sector over the next 12 months and that nearly two-thirds of businesses’ margins will grow or at least stay the same means the industry has weathered the most turbulent economic period in modern history.”

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We are also hosting a video RoundTable on this subject on Tuesday, 19th October, which is also free to watch online. Titled "What Will Be The Winning Monetisation Mix In 2022?" it will feature developers and ad monetisation experts discussing the latest trends. Please register your interest in the RoundTable on our Eventbrite page.

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