The Charticle

The Charticle: How Nordeus' Top Eleven rose to the top of the table

Football management upstart now in control

The Charticle: How Nordeus' Top Eleven rose to the top of the table
José Mourinho might be having a troubled start to the season, but his face is still riding high when it comes to Nordeus' social and mobile football management game Top Eleven.

Launched in May 2010 on Facebook, the free-to-play game - which now has over 11 million monthly active players across all platforms - has seen very strong performance on iPhone and Android; also recently being released on iPad.

Kick off

Of course, the football (soccer) market isn't strong in North America, but in Europe, the Serbian developer has seen its game sitting solidly in the top 10 top grossing App Stores of all the major markets - UK, France and Germany.

Partly that's down to the absence of console leader Sega's Football Manager as a free-to-play mobile game, but mainly to its leverage of its initial Facebook audience.

Indeed, the iPhone version has reached the top 100 top grossing charts in 119 countries (out of 155), reaching the top 10 position in 109, and the top 5 in 104.

Top Eleven has been in the German iPhone top grossing app top 10 for all of 2013 - via App Annie

And it's also been the top grossing app in 68 countries including Germany and France; an incredibly strong performance.

New season

Released on 30 August, the iPad version is off to a good start too.

It's been top 100 top grossing in 88 countries, and top 5 in 38.

Top Eleven's iPad top grossing performance in Germany since launch - via App Annie

It's a similar story on Android, where the game's more than 10 million downloads have seen it become the highest grossing app in 23 countries (out of 48), including France, Germany, Poland and the UK.

Top Eleven has been top 10 top grossing on Google Play in Germany for the past 12 months - via App Annie

At this stage, it's worth pointing out the game is available in 35 languages, and the developer offers customer support in 11 of them too.

Despite 'soccer', the US is Top Eleven's 10th biggest market; iPhone top grossing chart shown - via App Annie

In Korea (above), and especially Japan (below) and China (bottom), Top Eleven hasn't experienced the same strong performance in the iOS top grossing charts - via App Annie

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