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Can Star Wars: Commander conquer the mobile galaxy?

It's a trap!

Can Star Wars: Commander conquer the mobile galaxy?

Not so long ago, in a galaxy very close to home, the development team over at the Disney-owned LucasArts decided to try their hand at the mobile game by releasing Star Wars: Commander: a Clash of Clans style strategy title set in the Star Wars universe.

Of course, using Clash of Clans as 'inspiration' was a no-brainer.

After all, if you want to find success, it makes sense to stand on the shoulders of giants. Unfortunately, it also means that accusations of cloning are surrounding the title. 

That, however, is a debate for another day, and, ethical quandries aside, perhaps the biggest question posed by LucasArts' mobile move is, can a studio conquer the charts - it's currently only available on iOS - by taking a tried and tested genre and slapping a well known brand name on it?

Place your bets now, because we're about to find out the answer in this week's Charticle. 

Chart wars

On the US top grossing chart for iPhone, Star Wars: Commander has put in a convincing performance.

The game shot into the top 20 within its first week on the chart, where it peaked at #8, and has shown consistency at the highest level. 

Star Wars: Commander remains solidly within the top 20 top US grossing chart for iPhone

Over on iPad it's a very similar tale. LucasArts' strategy title once again built a home in the top 20, peaking at #8. However, even though it looks extremely comfortable in those money-making positions, it's likely that the coveted #1 spot will continue to elude it.

Star Wars: Commander is also going great guns on the US top grossing iPad chart

Across the Atlantic, Star Wars: Commander  has found fame and fortune again, shooting into the top 20 on the EU5 top grossing charts for iPad – which looks at performances in Spain, Germany, France, Italy, and the UK -  where it broke into the top10 in every region apart from Italy.

In the EU5 countries, Star Wars: Commander is only lagging in Italy when it comes to iPad top grossing performance

On the European top grossing chart for iPhone, the game has managed to muster up an even strong performance, climbing into the top 20 in all 5 regions, and peaking at #7 in the UK.

Star Wars: Commander has done even better on the iPhone top grossing charts in the EU5 countries than on iPad

As is often the case, however, Star Wars: Commander's achilles heel took the form of the Asian top grossing charts.

On the Asian top grossing charts for both iPhone and iPad– which looks at Japan, China, and South Korea - Star Wars: Commander has only managed to reach the top 100 in South Korea and Japan. 

After crossing that threshold the game made the jump to hyperspace, peaking at #37 on iPhone and #19 on iPad in South Korea, while also peaking at #23 in Japan on iPad. 

Star Wars: Commander's performance in the Korean top grossing chart for iPhone

Star Wars: Commander has charted in Korea and Japan in terms of the top grossing iPad top 100

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