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How successfully has Hothead's Kill Shot taken aim at top grossing charts?

Taking the shot

How successfully has Hothead's Kill Shot taken aim at top grossing charts?

Hothead Games' FPS Kill Shot has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Despite the fact that the title doesn't feature any deer, it's Glu Mobile's belief that Hothead's game is a direct rip-off of its own hit Deer Hunter 2014.

As a result, the company has filed a federal lawsuit against the Vancouver-based Hothead, claiming Kill Shot violates copyright and trade infringement laws.

We're not getting involved in that dispute, however. All we want to know is how much of a threat has Kill Shot been on the top grossing charts?

Shooting star?

The answer, at least in the US, is 'quite a big threat', with Kill Shot charting well on top grossing charts for Google Play, and on the App Store for iPhone.

The game has made good progress on both marketplaces, breaking into the top 50 soon after launch before going on to peak at #19 on iPhone and #30 on Google Play

Kill Shot has been cruising in the top 50 on the US iPhone top grossing chart

The game has suffered a slight dip recently. However, both versions look comfortable in the top 100 of their respective charts.

Kill Shot has been even more consistent on the Google Play top grossing chart

European shooters

The game's showing on the European top grossing charts - in which we look at France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK - is practically a mirror image of its performance in the US.

Once again, Kill Shot has been more erratic on the top grossing chart for iPhone, though it's still managed to break into the top 50 in every region apart from Germany, where it couldn't even break into the top 100.

Peak positions of #8 in Italy and #18 in the UK deserve praise, but, overall, Kill Shot seems to lack the longevity needed to be a longterm succes.

Performances on the European top grossing chart for iPhone lacked sustainability

Fortunately, the game shows a vast improvement on Google Play, where it found the consistency needed to carve out a position in the top 100 in both Italy and the UK, where it peaked at #24 and #35 respectively.

Kill Shot has demonstrated greater consistency on European top grossing Google Play charts

Shooting East

As Kill Shot hasn't released in Asia, a notoriously difficult region for shooters to crack, we'll be looking at the title's display in Poland and Russia.

On the Russian and Polish top grossing charts for iPhone, Kill Shot has thrived. The game shot to the top of the charts in both regions, peaking at #2 in Poland and #9 in Russia.

Performances have dropped off very recently, particularly in Poland

Hothead's shooter found early success on iPhone in Poland and Russia

Yet, despite its success on iPhone, the game's showing on Google Play has been lacking.

Kill Shot couldn't muster up a real challenge on the top 100 on either the Russian and Polish top grossing charts for Google Play.

Peaking at #63 in Poland and #72 in Russia, the game's visit at the top of the charts was all too brief.

Kill Shot couldn't replicate its iPhone success on Android devices

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