The dos and don’ts of YouTuber influencer marketing

Pascal Clarysse reveals his top tips

The dos and don’ts of YouTuber influencer marketing

As part of Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki 2016, marketing and growth strategy consultant Pascal Clarysse analysed the power of YouTube for promoting your games.

He highlighted a survey run in 2014 that showed for the 17 to 24 demographic, YouTube stars were more popular than their movie and music counterparts.

“In a nutshell, influencer marketing consists of activating people who are perceived as an authority within their sphere for endorsements of your brand or game through their own media,” he said.

Clarysse went on to highlight some of the pitfalls and traps to avoid when running an influencer campaign, such as a demographic mismatch, the lack of a creative angle, thinking too small, having excessive control over the content and focusing on the wrong KPIs.

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