How Gram Games ran UA for 1010! on a limited budget

UA Manager Kerem Alemdar details the process

How Gram Games ran UA for 1010! on a limited budget

As part of Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki 2016, Kerem Alemdar, User Acquisition Manager at Gram Games, gave a talk on how the developer ran its UA campaign for its first big success, 1010!

"At first we had limited money, so we used influencer campaigns," explains Alemdar, which helped boost the game's visibility using Vine.

Playing with the big boys

Next, the team turned to conservative digital channels like Facebook and AdMob, which he says "every start-up uses", but it wasn't enough to maintain the game's UA.

Alemdar then moved on to specialised ad networks, and detailed how Gram Games went from there to onboarding new channels as it tried to push the game even further.

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