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PocketGamer.biz Week That Was: Google Play's 'crazy' growth, Casual Connect Europe 2013 and EA's love affair with F2P

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PocketGamer.biz Week That Was: Google Play's 'crazy' growth, Casual Connect Europe 2013 and EA's love affair with F2P
This week, Newzoo published a chart showing the relative downloads and revenues over time for Kabam's Kingdoms of Camelot and Epic's Infinity Blade series.

It's a simple graph, but it elegantly describes the differences between premium pricing and free-to-play.

While Kabam's revenues steadily grow over time, even after downloads have peaked, Infinity Blade's earning potential is more directly tied to its download numbers.

As such, once the game drops out the charts, its revenues have peaked. Okay, so this is hardly revelatory information, but Newzoo's presented it in a neat way.

So the benefits of free-to-play are clear, but implementing the model is not uncomplicated.

This week alone, monetisation outfit W3i outlined five ways to fail at freemium, DeNA's Ben Cousins described the challenge of creating a balanced and "coherent" monetisation mechanic and Jon Jordan's been pondering whether EA's approach to F2P in Real Racing 3 could prompt a fan backlash.

But the potential rewards are great. After all, Supercell's portfolio of just two masterfully monetised games has seen it become the top grossing company on the entire App Store.

It's a tantalising tale, but that's quite enough storytelling for one week. Instead, let's look back at the last seven days on PocketGamer.biz.

Platform wars


  • This week's edition of the Charticle takes a look at Sega, and how the Japanese publisher has handled its move onto mobile. 

  • EA will need to convince fans that Real Racing 3's free-to-play damage mechanic is more than a cut and shut job, argues PocketGamer.biz editor-at-large Jon Jordan. 

  • GamesAnalytics launches free-to-play game design consultancy service Benchmark, and CEO Chris Wright tells PocketGamer.biz how it works

  • EA announces the first every free-to-play version of Tetris – Tetris Blitz – will launch for Android, iOS and Amazon devices in Spring 2013. 

  • DeNA's Ben Cousins explains the delicate balance between monetisation and restriction at work in The Drowning

  • Market research firm Newzoo shows how Kingdoms of Camelot beats Infinity Blade hands down in the monetisation department, in our chart of the week. 

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