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App Annie acquires Distimo, Kakao merges with Daum, and EA shutters Mythic

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App Annie acquires Distimo, Kakao merges with Daum, and EA shutters Mythic

Sometimes, as the old cliché goes, the stories write themselves.

Take today's column, for example. Normally there's a good discussion over what three stories make it into the headline, but there was no need to dig much deeper than three studio-level decisions made in the US, Korea, and Europe this week.

On the happy side, chat app Kakao merged with Daum to create a titan that could corner the massive - and lucrative - Korean mobile market. Elsewhere, App Annie acquired Dutch data firm Distimo, strengthening latter's position as a powerhouse in mobile data and analytics.

Then, the counterpoint. After almost 20 years in business, Electronic Arts shuttered Mythic Entertainment following the lacklustre reception Dungeon Keeper on the App Store.

It'd be easy to say that these three business decisions are the harbingers of emerging trends in the mobile games business, but - really - they're more symptomatic of existing trends than anything else.

Now let's look past the headline and focus on the particulars that you might have missed in the Pocket Gamer Biz week that was.

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