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Atari launches first LGBT game, UK's rise continues, and why YouTubers won't destroy games journalism

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Atari launches first LGBT game, UK's rise continues, and why YouTubers won't destroy games journalism

There's no such thing as a quiet week in the games industry, and the news, much like a great monsoon, is relentless.

It can be difficult to soak up every drop, which is exactly why we're on hand every friday to break down the week's news into easy to digest, and rather delectable, bite-sized portions. 

As you can imagine, there was something of a lull in sweeping statements post-Develop, though, as always, there was still a lot of fat to chew on.

Atari planted one foot firmly in the 21st century by announcing it would release its first game aimed at the LGBT community, while developers earmarked the UK as Europe's next 'premier development hub' in GDC's second annual State of the Industry survey. 

As the YouTubers vs. traditional journalism debate picks up speed, our own PocketGamer.biz editor, Keith Andrew, explained that there's no need to panic, because YouTubers and games journalists can actually co-exist. 

That, however, is only the tip of our informative iceberg, so suit up, and get ready to dive into another ice cold Week that Was. 

Industry Voices

  • Atari launched its first game specifically aimed at the LGBT community. 
  • UKIE CEO Jo Twist suggested that the UK Government needs to support British companies that are trading overseas. 
  • GDC's second annual State of the Industry survey revealed that most developers expect the UK to become Europe's premier development hub in five years time.
  • We shared our 5 biggest takeaways from this year's Develop conference in Brighton.  
  • PocketGamer.biz editor Keith Andrew expained why the rise of YouTubers won't signal the end of the games journalist. 
  • Stefan Bielau founder of Dynamo Partners and angel investor, suggested that developers must learn to make the most of the opportunities provided by alternative app stores.
  • Our own Jon Jordan explained how you can make sense of mobile gaming M&A activity


  • PocketGamer.biz editor-at-large Jon Jordan used his latest monetiser column to analyse who the winners and losers are in the social casio genre. 

 User acquisition, retention, and discovery

 Tools & Platforms

  • An App Annie study revealed that Google Play downloads now dwarf the App Store's by 60 percent. 
  • Apple data showed that 90 percent of iOS devices are now running iOS 7. 

Funding, acquisitions, personnel and shutterings

  • TIGA warned that planned VAT changes could cause chaos and confusion amongst developers. 
  • Microsoft revealed it would be cutting 18,000 jobs, the biggest batch of lay-offs in the firm's history, with Nokia staff members set to take the biggest hit. 
  • Investment specialist London Venture Partners explained it plans to pump millions into the European games developement scene in order to unearth the next Supercell. 
  • Tapjoy named Zynga's former head of publishing, Rob Dyer, as its new VP of developer relations

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