Our top 10 most anticipated mobile games: from Animal Crossing and Exiles of Embermark to Alto's Odyssey and Spymaster

Our top 10 most anticipated mobile games: from Animal Crossing and Exiles of Embermark to Alto's Odyssey and Spymaster

It's all well and good anticipating games at the start of a year, but in the fast-moving world of mobile games, new titles are announced weekly.

So, we've decided to start a rolling list of our most anticipated games, which we'll update as games are released and new titles pop up that catch our interest.

Looking forward

Note - some of these games will overlap with our Soft Launch list, which is good news, because it means we can get our hands on them sooner rather than later.

But instead of tracking their development, this list is more to keep you informed about the most interesting upcoming games that we feel deserve your attention.

NB: We're listing the games in alphabetic order, not order of anticipation. 

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  • Alto's Odyssey

    Alto's Odyssey logo

    Developer: Snowman
    Expected Platforms: Android, iOS
    Due: 2017
    Soft Launch?: No

    Alto's Adventure is undoubtably one of the finest mobile games out there, with its gorgeous graphics and simple-but-tricky gameplay, so a second helping in the form of Alto's Odyseey is definitely worth getting excited about.

    Snowman hasn't revealed any info on the game yet, but if it's anything like its predecessor, it's going to involve hurtling down a mountain at full speed, pulling off sick flips, and trying not to smack into your tribes' Elders as you go.

    It also looks like it might sport a new colour palette, and likely a new environment to navigate down, so we could see Alto retiring his snowboard for something else entirely.

  • Animal Crossing Mobile

    Animal Crossing Mobile logo

    Developer: Nintendo/DeNA
    Expected Platforms: Android, iOS
    Due: Spring 2017
    Soft Launch?: No

    We have absolutely no information available on the upcoming Animal Crossing game that DeNA will be releasing as part of its partnership with Nintendo, but that only makes the game more interesting.

    While the also-announced Fire Emblem game is fairly easy to predict - strategy RPG isn't exactly a foreign concept on F2P mobile - Animal Crossing could be anything.

    Even the last two releases on Nintendo consoles - Happy Home Designer and Amiibo Festival - haven't been traditional entries in the series.

    It's unlikely we'll see a full-blown life simulation title in the same vein as the main series, but a scaled-down version in a smaller town could be on the cards. And certainly the mobile game will link into handheld and console version of the game. 

    Or we could see another experimental approach, like Miitomo, that comes out of nowhere and still manages to take the world by storm.

  • Breaking Bad: Empire Business

    Breaking Bad: Empire Business logo

    Developer: Scopely
    Expected Platforms: Android, iOS
    Due: 2017
    Soft Launch?: Yes

    Scopely's base-building strategy take on Breaking Bad is fast becoming a contender for game left longest in soft launch, which only makes Breaking Bad: Empire Business even more intriguing.

    The game has you expanding your meth business and taking on rival gangs, hiring in characters from the show to do your bidding, and eventually becoming the world's biggest drug dealer.

    The TV show is known for its interesting characters, slow-burn storylines, and mature content, so if Scopely can capture all that in a strategy game it could well be the next "big thing".

  • Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire

    Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire logo

    Developer: Sega (Demiurge Studios)
    Expected Platforms: Android, iOS
    Due: 2017
    Soft Launch?: Yes

    The clicker genre might not be the most awe-inspiring or exciting, but when it comes to mobile games, there's a certain something about them that just makes them so darn enjoyable.

    Mix that together with some late '90s pop-punk and the over-the-top stylings of arcade classic Crazy Taxi and you're onto a winner in our books - so thank heaven for Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire.

    The cast of the original game is back in this idle game that sees you building up your taxi empire, levelling up your cars and drivers, and making some kerr-azy money in the process.

    And to top it all off, Sega has even licensed The Offspring's "All I Want" for the soundtrack, so it'll just be like those lazy summer afternoons in the arcade all over again.

  • Exiles of Embermark

    Exiles of Embermark logo

    Developer: Gunslinger Studios
    Expected Platform: iOS
    Due: 2017
    Soft Launch?: No

    A fantasy RPG promising 60-second multiplayer action, coming from a studio spun-off from the developers of Midnight StarExiles of Embermark is essentially the perfect elevator pitch game.

    But it's more than just a great sounding concept - even a cursory glance at the game's Tumblr page shows off its absolutely gorgeous graphics and animations that are a real treat to behold.

    Dig deeper and you'll find a rich lore, exciting ideas bursting from every corner, and a clear understanding of what makes an engaging RPG in the mobile space.

    Also GIFs. Lots and lots of GIFs.

  • Framed 2

    Framed 2 logo

    Developer: Loveshack Entertainment
    Expected Platforms: Android, iOS
    Due: 2017
    Soft Launch?: No

    The original Framed was an incredibly unique puzzle game that saw players rearranging comic book frames in such a way that their protagonist would be able to run through a complete page without getting caught or killed.

    Now Framed 2 has been teased, and it looks like more of the same clever puzzling, but with a variety of new twists to keep things interesting.

    Exact details are a little thin on the ground at the minute, but rest assured that there will be new puzzles to solve, locations to see, characters to play as, and beefed up graphics for the new generation.

  • Ridge Racer Draw And Drift

    Ridge Racer Draw And Drift logo

    Developer: Bandai Namco
    Expected Platforms: Android, iOS
    Due: 2017
    Soft Launch?: Yes

    Ridge Racer might at this point be best remembered for a particularly excitable man shouting "It's Ridge Racer!", but Ridge Racer Draw And Drift looks like it could move the series beyond that somewhat dark memory.

    Instead of forcing players to race with slightly dodgy virtual controls, Draw And Drift does exactly what it says on the tin - you draw a route, and then you time your drifts perfectly to stay ahead of the competition.

    You'll be collecting and upgrading 16 different cars and sending them out in online races on 6 different tracks, so there's plenty to get stuck into as well.

  • The Room: Old Sins

    The Room: Old Sins logo

    Developer: Fireproof Games
    Expected Platforms: Android, iOS
    Due: 2017
    Soft Launch?: No

    Fireproof Games' The Room series is one of the must-haves for mobile, with amazing, other-worldly puzzles to solve in a series of weird and eerie rooms.

    So knowing that a fourth entry in the series is due, mysteriously called The Room: Old Sins, is very exciting indeed.

    There's not a whole lot of information on the game just yet, but we're almost certain that impressive 3D puzzle boxes will be a key part of it all.

    And based on some early artwork released for the game, it looks like the environments are bigger and better-looking than ever before, which is never a bad thing.

  • Spymaster

    Spymaster logo

    Developer: PlayRaven
    Expected Platforms: Android, iOS
    Due: 2017
    Soft Launch?: Yes

    We got the hot scoop that PlayRaven was working on a remake of its spyhandling title Spymaster back in April 2016, and ever since we've been keeping a curious eye and an ear to a door about more info.

    Here's what we've dug up so far: it's had a pretty major visual overhaul, taking an old-style postcard art style to everything, which looks beautiful and slick and evokes that classic spy feel perfectly.

    And it has you sending agents to dangerous missions across the world, recruiting new spies as you go and unlocking new areas to do some spying in, all the while reaping in the rewards associated.

    It plays like a dream, it has a well-designed metagame to keep you coming back, and it makes you feel like a real handler. What more could you want in a spy game?

  • Zombie Gunship Survival

    Zombie Gunship Survival logo

    Developer: Limbic
    Expected Platforms: Android, iOS
    Due: May 2017
    Soft Launch?: Yes

    Massive guns in games are cool. Shooting zombies is cool. What happens when you put the two together? You get Zombie Gunship Survival.

    A free-to-play adaptation of the long-dormant Zombie Gunship franchise, this flaregames-published game has you blowing up zombies from high in the sky with a range of deadly weapons.

    Each of your weapons can be upgraded and you'll need to keep them at the peak of their condition if you want to take on some of the bigger, deadlier zombies you'll come across.

    There's also base-building if you're into that kind of thing, but mostly we just want to blow things up and see how well the series can transition into F2P from premium.

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