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Company profile – Fingersoft

Learn more about Fingersoft, the employee-owned mobile game developer based in Finland
Company profile – Fingersoft
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Company name:

Date founded:

Business type:
Game developer

Headquarters in Oulu, Finland. Another office in Helsinki.

Key staff:
CEO & Managing Director, Jaakko Kylmäoja,
COO, Ville Rauma,
CMO & CFO, Markus Vahtola

Number of employees:

Contact details:

Social media links:

Key games and links:
Hill Climb Racing: iOS, Android, Amazon, Microsoft
Hill Climb Racing 2
: iOS, Android, Amazon
Boom Karts
: iOS, Android

Key games:
The Hill Climb Racing IP consists of Hill Climb Racing (2012), Hill Climb Racing 2 (2016) and the Chinese Android version. Combined, the IP has accumulated over 2 Billion installs across platforms and over €180 million in NET revenue.

Boom Karts was launched in 2021 and is being developed in partnership with Zaibatsu Interactive.

Main areas of business:
Mobile game development

Elevator pitch:
The people at Fingersoft are together creating a caring environment where creative talent has the best possible chances to provide successful games that feel great to play.

Projects and/or Partners:
Hill Climb Racing, Hill Climb Racing 2, Boom Karts

Highlights / Greatest achievement so far:
Hill Climb Racing is the most downloaded racing brand in the world with over 2 billion downloads.

Tell us something about you that nobody really knows about the company:
Fingersoft is fully owned by its employees, it has never taken outside investments or public funding.