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Content that attracts upper class females generates the most mobile ad dollars, reckons Flurry

£12.92 eCPM for the ladies

Content that attracts upper class females generates the most mobile ad dollars, reckons Flurry
Flurry has put together some research revealing that the segregation of cultural groups is the way forward for mobile advertising.

It's found that upper middle class females represent the most potent audience in terms of interacting with mobile ads.

Specifically the research shows that publisher eCPM is highest for females aged between 25-34, reaching $12.92, significantly higher than for males in the same age group - at $7.80.

Education qualifications also impact the cost of ads. A bachelor level qualification holder typically accounts for $7.92 eCPM, while Masters or higher reach $6.51.


"As a total snapshot, our analysis shows that females and males, between the ages of 25 and 34 years old, who have higher levels of disposable income and a bachelors degree or higher, more strongly interact with mobile ads," wrote Peter Farago, VP of marketing at Flurry.

"Leading sociologists William Thompson and Joseph Hickey define this class as "the rich" or "upper middle class," comprised of highly educated salaried professionals whose work is largely self-directed."

"Based on our analysis, revealing that the most sought after segments already interact most with mobile ads, a key ingredient required to realise the promise of mobile advertising is the introduction of mobile ad platforms that can segment publisher audiences and enable targeting by advertisers to reach segments of their choice," Farago concluded.

[source: Flurry]

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