New VR games coming this year from the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase 2022

Resident Evil 4 gains Mercenaries; Moss, Walking Dead sequels; NFL Pro Era and Ghostbusters!

New VR games coming this year from the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase 2022

Meta may have made all the noises recently about its plans for the metaverse, but that doesn't mean the company has forgotten about virtual reality - far from it!

Today's Meta Quest Gaming Showcase proved that the company formerly known as Oculus, part of Facebook - is still every bit as serious about VR games as ever. See what VP, Metaverse Content Jason Rubin had to say in our interview here.

Hugely popular Walking Dead VR game, Saints & Sinners gets a second chapter by Skydance Interactive. Expect fewer resources, more walkers and a new and bloodthirsty threat that will hunt you across the city… 

We're excited for the next project from Boneworks developers Stress Level Zero, in the form of Bonelab. It promises more of the same physics-based gameplay with a brand new story, plus 'two years of innovation and interaction engine progress'. It's due out later this year.

L-R: TWD Chapter 2: Retribution; Bonelab; NFL Pro Era; Among Us VR

Finally! There's an official American football game in VR in the shape of NFL Pro Era that uses NFL game data to create the most authentic on-the-field VR experience to-date. And for more multiplayer shenanigans, Among Us VR is coming by the end of the year.

The showcase also covered straight-up sequels for Red Matter 2, plus a bigger-and-better sequel in the shape of Espire 2. And something we're super-happy to see was the return of everyone's favourite VR mouse, Quill for Moss: Book II, due out this summer.

L-R: Red Matter 2; Espire 2; Moss: Book II; RuinsMagus

If you're looking for new pursuits, then Meta not only shared narrative-driven adventure RuinsMagus, but also Cities: VR. Beat Saber also gets more DLC in the shape of an 'Electronic Mixtape', featuring tracks from Deadmau5, Marshmello, Pendulum and more.

Resident Evil 4 The Mercenaries is out now for anyone who owns the main game on Quest 2. Check out our interview with Tom Ivey, Lead Producer at the developers Armature Studio here.

Quest users were also treated to a new free Home environment called Crystal Atrium.

L-R: Cities: VR; Beat Saber Electronic Mixtape; Resident Evil 4 The Mercenaries; Crystal Atrium

Mark Zuckerberg joined the show to announce Ghostbusters VR -- an immersive, four-player cooperative adventure developed by leading VR studio nDreams and published by Sony Pictures Virtual Reality (SPVR).


VR content has already matured to the point that we're treated to sequels for the likes of The Walking Dead, Moss, and Espire, while also bringing new treats such as NFL Pro Era, Among Us and Ghostbusters. The metaverse may be grabbing all the headlines, but Meta still has plenty to offer VR gamers in the meantime.

For more information on all the games featured during the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase, check out the full report on TheVirtualReport.biz

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