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GDC 2014 Short Cuts: The rise of VR, the potential of wearables, and more or less F2P

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GDC 2014 Short Cuts: The rise of VR, the potential of wearables, and more or less F2P
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The Game Developers Conference in San Francisco is the annual opportunity for game developers to get together and think about the future.

A good opportunity then for our roving band of journalists to sit down and chat with some of developers they met during the week, about the importance of GDC, what they are working on, and what they think are the key trends in gaming at the moment. 

So here's the selection of video interviews from the iPhone of Pocket Gamer's managing editor Rob Hearn.

Phil Larsen, CMO, Halfbrick is looking forward to the impact of wearable technology and virtual reality hardware.

David Kalina and Randy Smith, Tiger Style Games, think indie games are becoming more important, no one's really talking much about the new consoles, but everyone is into virtual reality.

Oren Tversky, VP, Unity Games, reckons there's a new interest in consoles games, and more interest in wearable hardware.

Thomas Bleyer, MD, Ravensburger Digital, says everyone is still coming to terms to free-to-play, and there's the impact of new consoles too, while Ravensburger is interest in bringing together digital games with physical play elements.

Joshua Boggs, designer, Loveshack Entertainment, reckons VR is going to take off real soon.

Dan Gray, producer, ustwo games, says everyone was queuing up for virtual reality hardware.

Bo Daly, CEO, Super Evil Mega Corp says free-to-play remains very polarising but done well, delivers a lot of value. We're seeing it more in console games now.

Richard Grillotti & Mark DeNardo, Pixeljam Games, reckon there was more talk about Unity, and less about free-to-play games this year.

Gene Mocsy, designer, IF Games, thinks Oculus Rift is amazing. 

Alex Okafor, One Man Left Studios says there's a lot of free-to-play talks this year, more than last year, while I'm interested in Oculus Rift.