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Indian Mavens discuss what they want to see at Pocket Gamer Connects Bangalore 2016

Speaker submissions open, tickets on sale
Indian Mavens discuss what they want to see at Pocket Gamer Connects Bangalore 2016

Following a successful debut in 2015, Pocket Gamer Connects will be returning to Bangalore on 21-22 April.

And so, with speaker submissions still open, we asked our Indian Mavens the following question:

  • What would you like to see at PGC Bangalore this year?
  • Any particular issues you'd like to see discussed, or speakers you'd like to see on stage?
Ankush Madad

Ankush Madad

Co-Founder and Creative Head at Dropout Games

I've already registered as a speaker myself.

As for other talks and speakers, these are few of the people/talks I'd ideally like to see attend the conference:

  • Alto's Adventure postmortem.
  • Someone from Square Enix Team talking about Lara Croft GO and Hitman GO - its design process, choice of going premium over freemium, etc.
  • Monument Valley level design talk.
  • Rami Ismail on Nuclear Throne's game mechanics, balancing as well as the procedural level generation.
  • Shadowmatic postmortem.

There are many other talks I'd like to have, but one or more of these would be more than satisfying.

Yadu Rajiv

Yadu Rajiv

Game Designer and Developer

It is awesome to hear that PGC is happening again this year, and I hope to attend it again. Some thoughts below...

I help out with the NASSCOM Build Your Own Game Jam's that happens before the NGDC - I think it would be interesting to have a game jam with some nice prizes.

There are lots of students and smaller indies who could use some boost. We see a lot of student participation and people are usually up for/used to 48-hour jams.

As an aside, I helped run the Bangalore jam site for the Global Game Jam.

The showcase of games topped the list of good stuff that happened at PGC last year - I didn't mind missing talks to come and play, and I hope this grows.

The Big Indie Pitch at PGC Bangalore 2015 was a big success
The Big Indie Pitch at PGC Bangalore 2015 was a big success

I also noticed that my spending habits on Steam changed dramatically after it introduced regional pricing, it would be interesting to talk about how this has affected Indian(other) devs; assuming people are spending more.

It would be interesting to hear devs from Europe or elsewhere talk about how they balance their "work"/gamedev/life (or cope with depression?) and how some of that can be helpful in the Indian context - where there are a lot of developers (indie/start up/in a gamedev job) struggling to be creative and not succeeding.

I should stop ranting now. All the best for the event!

Abhinav Sarangi

Abhinav Sarangi

Co-Founder at All in a Days Play

Personally, I would like to see some focus on VR, maybe some postmortem by teams who have released on GearVR or Google Cardboard, or even teams planning for games for Oculus, Playstation VR, Vive etc.

We are testing the waters with regards to VR on mobile and it will be great to hear people talk about what they have learned about VR.


Also I would like a little more focus on technical talks, taking forward Ankush's examples, things like pathfinding in Monument Valley, implementing the hyper-realistic look of Shadowmatic, etc.

Mithun Balraj

Mithun Balraj

Founder / Editor at The Game Scrawl

One thing which stood out at PGC last year was number of original and unique titles that we got to see.

It was good news for the Indian games industry, and encouraged developers around the country to explore new ground; hopefully we'll get to see even more of this at PGC Bangalore this year.

There are also a lot of great titles that are set to release in 2016, and I'm excited about getting a chance to speak with the minds behind them!

Rituraj Behera

Rituraj Behera

Co-founder at Cympl

The Big Indie Pitch provides a great platform for smaller studios to learn a lot about their games.

As part of the Indian games industry, we would love to see the Big Indie Pitch happening again this year.

It provides a great platform for smaller studios to learn a lot about their games and hear experts give their valuable feedback on the game.

Also, we get to see and understand the quality and diversity of games being developed in India. It was a real eye-opening experience for me as a developer.

We would also love to hear from the industry experts what they feel about the future of Indians as a mobile game consumers, where we are and what kind of trends can we expect to see.

We as Indians would love to make games for people of our own country, but will it be feasible at this stage?

You can learn more about PG Connects Bangalore and buy tickets on the website.