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It takes two: Multi-platform gamers play more and spend more, says Everyplay

Plus, boys still outpacing girls
It takes two: Multi-platform gamers play more and spend more, says Everyplay

Mobile gamers who have both iOS and Android devices download more games and spend more money than those tied to a single operating system.

That's according to a new study by the Unity-owned Everyplay, which also claims that US gamers download an average of more than two games a month.

The study, which focuses on the most active gamers and how to engage them, states that male players spend almost twice as much as female players and so-called 'super whales' still deliver the bulk of revenue.

As such, Everyplay claims 10 percent of US mobile gamers serve up two-thirds of the revenue.

The playing game

Naturally, Everyplay – which is behind the social video sharing platform of the same name – is keen to push the virality gained by developers enabling gamers to easily video and upload their gaming sessions, claiming the people who play longer share more and spend more.

"Mobile video sharing of gameplay represents a huge opportunity for game developers to increase the discovery of their games virally, and also tap into the heavier spenders and whales who naturally engage in more social behaviours than non-spenders," said Everyplay and Ads executive VP at Unity Jussi Laakkonen.

"We believe video replay sharing will continue to grow in adoption over time as well. Results and data within our report will help game developers to prioritise and design features for virality and retention with existing social media channels as well."

The survey, which tapped up the opinions of more than 3,000 mobile gamers across the United States, concluded that the aformentioned super whales – who spend between $20 and $50 a month – discover games through word of mouth, the App Store, or social networks such as Facebook and YouTube.

The report states said gamers "also tend to seek and download more games and engage more in social play in games, share gaming experiences more often, and be more involved in gaming communities."