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Latest Apple, Google and Samsung mobiles smash game monetisation record

DeltaDNA study delves into which devices’ players spend more money
Latest Apple, Google and Samsung mobiles smash game monetisation record

The latest handsets from Apple, Google and Samsung are breaking game monetisation records, according to a report from analytics platform DeltaDNA.

The study found that the iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S8+ and Pixel 2/2XL, alongside other newer models, are achieving game monetisation KPIs that are up to 270 per cent above the industry average.

Typically, two to three per cent of players on free-to-play mobile titles make in-app purchases with an average lifetime value of $1.50.

However, with smartphones becoming more powerful, these KPIs have begun to increase significantly.

Harder, better, faster, stronger

DeltaDNA’s study included 1.7 million handsets across North America and found the Google Pixel 2 XL to have the highest percentage of payers at 11.11 per cent, along with a $3.46 average lifetime value (LTV).

The most valuable handset regarding LTV was the iPhone 8 with $3.97, which had a payer fraction of 6.72 per cent.

In contrast, older handsets like the iPhone 7 achieved a 5.63 per cent payer fraction and a LTV of $1.27, while the Samsung Galaxy S7 achieved 8.33 per cent payer fraction and a $1.70 LTV.

“Making money in mobile F2P games has always been a challenging business,” said DeltaDNA CEO Mark Robinson.

“However, this latest study should make encouraging reading for game publishers and developers as it reinforces the trend that better performing smartphone models deliver more positive game monetisation KPIs.”

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