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Miral Nashashibi of Digital Turbine "I feel that this industry brings out the best"

Publisher Development Manager at Digital Turbine chats to us ahead of appearing at Pocket Gamer Connects Jordan this week
Miral Nashashibi of Digital Turbine
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It's only a matter of days until Pocket Gamer Connectskicks off in Jordan, and we have been preparing for the two day networking event by chatting to some of the speakers who will be appearing at the conference by the Dead Sea. Today we introduce Miral Nashashibi.

Miral Nashashibi is a Publisher Development Manager at Digital Turbine – the largest independent platform made for publishers and game developers, offering ad monetisation solutions and user acquisition across various channels. In her role, Miral is responsible for onboarding new supply and helping publishers scale up their accounts and drive revenue. Miral has experience in sales, business development and performance marketing. Please give us a summary of what you’re speaking about and why it’s important.

Topic: Growing Strong: Lessons in Levelling Up Your Games Audience and Maintaining a Strong User Base.

If you could give other mobile games companies one piece of advice, what would it be?

Choosing the right mediation partner that can be trusted and delivers transparency.

What is the single biggest challenge facing the mobile games industry today?

Data Privacy - the market is consolidating and many big players are buying mobile game studios - and this makes competitors have access to mobile games developers' data - which leads to the importance of having a trusted and transparent platforms to work with in terms of growth and scale.

What’s your favourite ever mobile game?

Call of Duty

What game has been on your phone the longest?

Call of Duty

What do you enjoy most about working in the mobile games industry?

It is a very challenging, competitive and creative industry that changes on a rapid scale - there are so many things to learn and you are never out of ideas!

What was the fundamental appeal of the mobile games industry that brought you to it?

Generally, I'd say, playing them in the first place! Also, I feel that this industry brings out the best in you and makes you open to new ideas all the time.

What sessions/speakers (apart from your own) are you planning to attend?

Impact of the Coming Recession on Mobile Game Publishing & UA – Old Game, New Rules.

What topics do you want to hear more about at industry events?

Mediation platforms and UA trends, Data Privacy, Industry fluctuations and challenges.

Can people get in touch with you at the event? What sort of people would you like to connect with?

Definitely, Publishers and mobile game developers, especially in MENA region!

Who are your 'Don't miss' speakers at industry events?

Maysalward, Jawaker, Tamatem and Babil Games.

What is one way attendees can prepare for your discussion?

I believe reading more about the topic to get an insight - also they can meet with the speakers prior to their sessions to build a connection.