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The Mobile Gaming Mavens on a Starck choice

Elegant design down the crapper
The Mobile Gaming Mavens on a Starck choice

The Mobile Mavens is our panel of experts drawn from all sectors of the mobile gaming industry.

This week we asked the Mavens: What piece of hardware do you wish Philippe Starck has been designing for Apple?

Of course, it's a purely hypothetical question as it was quickly revealed that he wasn't working on anything.

[people id="11" name="Brian Baglow"]

Perhaps it will be an app featuring his famous lemon squeezer.[/people]

Dave Castelnuovo

Dave Castelnuovo

Owner at Bolt Creative

The iLoo or iBrown - for cleaning that Brown Eye. It would just be a glass obelisk devoid of any controls. The hatch would open itself automatically when presented with a posterior. It would be able to recognise the user through digital anus scanning and be able to play your personal playlists straight from iTunes.

The iLoo will be a magical delight and is equipped with an array of health diagnostics, it can measure your stool and do a visual scan for hemorrhoids.

In fact, it's equipped with AirPlay so that if a health concern arises, it will broadcast a live feed of your back side to your iPad along with highlighting any areas of concern. It will also be equipped with Siri and iCloud so you can immediately post an appointment for the proctologist that will be immediately synced across all your devices and the video of your last 10 bowel movements will be automatically forwarded to your physician.

Game Center integration for the iLoo. Possible achievements include; Longest Spanner; Most Water Displacement; Bullet Hell (largest number of individual particles).

John Ozimek

John Ozimek

Co-founder at Big Games Machine

Maybe it could be a twist on some of the fitness and lifestyle accessories like Nike's FuelBand: a wristband that uses biometric feedback like skin temperature, electrical resistance, skin moisture, and heart rate to understand how you are reacting to a game and then feed that back to create a more immersive gaming experience on the fly.

Or you could add some motion sensors to a Bluetooth earpiece to create a basic head tracking device that would know your basic orientation in relation to your iPad or TV screen.

And, with perfect timing...

Adam Telfer

Adam Telfer

Consultant at MobileFreeToPlay

I'm assuming everyone has also read the news that Tim Cook has met with Valve. Dare I say this will be a gaming device?

But as Valve revealed later, Ozimek was perhaps more correct that he thought.