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Unless Clash Royale takes off, eSports market won't be worth $1 billion until 2019

Newzoo puts figures on the growth
Unless Clash Royale takes off, eSports market won't be worth $1 billion until 2019

Like VR, the eSports market is something everyone is talking about.

Unlike VR, however, it's actually generating more than just hot air.

And the latest report from market intelligence outfit Newzoo attempts to put some hard numbers on the sector.

Growing to what?

Newzoo's 2016 Global eSports Market Report reckons the market was worth $325 million in 2015; something that it predicts will grow 43% to $463 million in 2016.

But perhaps more important than the cash is the audience size.

Newzoo reckons there are around 130 million enthusiasts for eSports, with a further 125 million occasional viewers who tune in for the big events.

Indeed, there were 112 events in during 2015, generating over $20 million in ticket sales.

Total prize money was $61 million, with the majority of the market value coming from sponsorshing, merchandising and advertising revenue.

"2016 will be pivotal for eSports. The initial buzz will settle down and the way forward on several key factors, such as regulations, content rights and involvement of traditional media, will become more clear," commented Newzoo's CEO Peter Warman.

Failure to launch?

As for the world of mobile eSports, that still nascent.

At Pocket Gamer Connects London 2016, Warman pointed to games such as Hearthstone (technically cross-platform) and Vainglory as leading the charge, although the biggest buzz is already arising from Supercell's still-in-soft-launch MOBA-lite Clash Royale.