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10 top legal tips for F2P game developers

Jas Purewal give tip-top advice
10 top legal tips for F2P game developers
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In the Bonus Level track at Pocket Gamer Connects London 2015, games lawyer Jas Purewal spoke about the legal scrutiny coming to the free-to-play business model.

He pointed to three main reasons that regulators in the UK, Germany and the EU are looking more closely at the industry.

  • The increasing use of mobile games and apps by children
  • The triumph of the F2P business model, and the
  • Perceived need to protect consumers in the online world.

As for those all-important legal tips, they're listed below.

You can also see Purewal's presentation and slidedeck.

  • 1. Is your game really "free"?
  • 2. Tighten your App Store page description
  • 3. Use T&Cs and have a privacy policy
  • 4. Give users direct contact to the developers
  • 5. Consider gating your games with a warning splash screen the first time they launch
  • 6. Process your IAPs in your game's store not in the game itself
  • 7. Give users the ability to select No to any retail prompts
  • 8. Your offers should be clean, not aggressive, and not misleading
  • 9. Make sure you provide alternative ways of acquiring paid content
  • 10. Be very careful regarding children.


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