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20 tracks revealed for Pocket Gamer Connects London 2022

Get to know the innovative tracks featured at our upcoming February event! Learn everything from Blockchain Basics to Mapping the Metaverse
20 tracks revealed for Pocket Gamer Connects London 2022

*Please note this article has been updated as of December 15, 2021 to reflect newly announced dates for Pocket Gamer Connects London 2022

Our return to in-person conferences is just around the corner this February, and we couldn’t be more excited to share with you the 20 incredible tracks we have lined up for Pocket Gamer Connects London.

This highly anticipated games industry event takes place on February 14th to 15th and is available to attendees both in-person and digitally.

All panels, talks and networking opportunities will be hybrid-friendly so regardless of where you may be in the world, you can join us and get fantastic, high-value insights from hundreds of industry experts as well as network with top names in the industry. Get your tickets booked now and save up to $435 with our Early Bird pricing.

Our themed track list is looking towards the future, featuring topics ranging from Blockchain Basics to The New NFT Economies, Mapping the Metaverse and so much more. Read on to find out what all you can look forward to at this event.

Pocket Gamer Connects London tracks

Hypercasual Publishing
Publishing is core to the games business: we explore how best to work with publishers to get your new hypercasual game to players.

Mapping the Metaverse
The future starts here! Discover the cutting edge of communication and entertainment in this overview of developments in the immersive space. We map the frontiers and reveal essential jumping on points.

Building On Blockchain
An introduction to what blockchain means for any developer - with insights into the technology and how crypto works with games.

The New NFT Economies
Non-fungible tokens: how unique digital assets are changing the way people play today.

Big Screen Gaming
Beyond mobile: developing and publishing for PC, console, XR, cloud gaming and more.

New Market Monetiser (sponsored by Adverty)
Make the most of new advertising formats, IAPs and other monetisation developments in this focused track.

ASO Insights (App Store Optimisation) (sponsored by AppTweak)
There's an art to getting your game ready for the app stores. Whether it's Google or Apple or others, our experts will help you give it the best start.

Show Me The Money (sponsored by Agnitio Capital)
Get practical insight on securing the funding that will make a difference.

Incredible Indies
How to survive and thrive as a smaller studio in today's competitive games development landscape.

Industry Visions & Values
How to build a better games industry and aspire to a more a more positive future for everyone

Ad Insights
In-game ads remain central to many studios' monetisation strategy - join us to discover the latest trends and advice.

Global Trends
From East to West: facts, figures and insight into the latest industry trends from all over the globe.

Mastering Multiplayer (sponsored by Photon)
Multiplayer games dominate the charts - but what tips, technology and secret sauce can help you compete!

Revenue Roadmap (sponsored by Pangle)
Essential insight into the future of user acquisition, retention techniques, and methods to grow your game.

Game Booster
Developing the perfect game is half the battle. Discover how to quickly boost your chances of success and gain the loyalty of your audience.

The Developer Toolkit
Everything a growing developer needs: essential, practical advice about all aspects of making games.

Marketing Mavens
Discover the latest tips and techniques from the personalities and agencies that are changing the media world.

Live Ops Landscape (sponsored by AWS / Amazon Game Tech)
A track dedicated to explaining and improving your approach to live ops, the core of the modern games world.

The Growth Track (sponsored by Bango)
Essential insight into user acquisition, retention techniques, and how to grow your game.

CFO Insider (sponsored by Pollen VC)
Learn from the best with practical advice on creating financial security and success for your business.

Get your tickets booked

Don’t forget to book your tickets to this unmissable conference. These future-gazing talks will be hosted by top industry professionals you won’t want to miss connecting with and hearing from. Book your Early Bird ticket today and save up to $435.