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5th Planet Games shuts down Nottingham studio

14 employees laid off in studio closure
5th Planet Games shuts down Nottingham studio

5th Planet Games has confirmed closure of its Nottingham studio, resulting in the loss of 14 jobs.

According to GamesIndustry.Biz, the company spoke with investors last week making them aware of the decision to close, calling the move strategic. Previously known as Fuzzy Frog, the studio released numerous mobile titles including Cristiano Ronaldo’s Kick ‘n’ Run and augmented reality app Real Scary Spiders.

In 2017 5th Planet - formerly known as Hugo Games - acquired the Nottingham studio after originally been formed in 2009. Projects in development from the studio will now be moved to 5th Planet’s studios in Berlin and California.

Another UK studio

"We have unfortunately not been able to get the expected results out of our Nottingham studio," said 5th Planet CEO Henrik Nielsen.

"In spite of being responsible for launching several games, the Nottingham studio hasn't been able to meet expected goals and KPIs. Therefore we believe that now is the time to take the consequences."

This news comes less than a month after Brighton-based studio Wish closed its doors affecting 13 full-time staff employees.