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Over 96% of Samsung Galaxy Note 7s have been returned

Still 4% out there in the wild
Over 96% of Samsung Galaxy Note 7s have been returned
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Over 96% of all Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices have now been returned to the manufacturer following its disastrous launch and subsequent recall.

Samsung revealed the figure alongside an announcement that the FAA will no longer require airlines to notify passengers about the safety risks of flying with the phone.

Simpler times

Galaxy Note 7s were banned by American airlines after a flight was grounded due to an overheating phone. The device was a replacement model offered as part of the first recall.

Samsung's nightmare phone launch saw its mobile profits drop 96% year-on-year to $87.8 million in Q3 FY16. It stated it would focus on older models to recuperate the loss.

While the manufacturer has yet to reveal an official reason as to why the phone kept exploding, hardware expert Instrumental found that the battery may have been too large for the device.