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A Crowd of Monsters raises $550,000

All eyes on Barcelona
A Crowd of Monsters raises $550,000
Date Type Companies Involved Size
Dec 3, 2014 investment A Crowd of Monsters Caixa Capital Risk Inveready The Crowd Angel $0m

A Crowd of Monsters, the Barcelona-based studio behind titles like Sugar Kid and Funk of Titans, has raised $550,000 in funding from Inveready, Caixa Capital Risc and The Crowd Angel.

Founded in 2011 by Rafa González, Daniel Candil, Ramón Nafria and Daniel Castellanos, A Crowd of Monsters has created games on mobile and consoles.

The creators - united on their company page under the tagline “We eat kids!”- previously worked at Digital Legends, Gameloft and Blit Software.

Different approach

The decision to invest in the studio is in particular an interesting opportunity for Inveready.

One of the leading early-stage venture capital companies in Spain, the deal marks a break from its interest in the free-to-play model as A Crowd of Monsters specialises in episodic gaming.

Indeed, the investment will help fund the creation of more episodic games from the studio and accelerate the development of an upcoming title for the Xbox One - Blues&Bullets.

Speaking in a statement, Inveready managing partner Ignacio Fonts said he believes that A Crowd of Monsters “will play a key role in the changes that we’re seeing in how video games are consumed.”

Whatever the case, the deal has been hailed as proof that Barcelona stands strong within the European gaming centre.

After all, A Crowd of Monsters joins an equally impressive crowd of development studios - including Social Point, Akamon, Omnidrone and Digital Legends - that are all continuing to expand in the Barcelona region.