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A record 29,000 people attended GDC 2019, organisers say

Convention will return on March 20th, 2020
A record 29,000 people attended GDC 2019, organisers say
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A new record attendance has been confirmed for the 2019 Game Developers Conference held in San Francisco last week.

During the event, 29,000 people were noted to be present, breaking the all-time record since the convention began in 1988.

GDC 2019 was a packed week with Google revealing its new streaming platform Stadia being the most noteworthy. On top of this, there was more than 780 lectures, panels, tutorials and roundtable discussions, as well as more than 550 exhibitors on the Expo Floor

Organisers of GDC further confirmed that the show will return to the Moscone Convention Center on March 16th, 2020. Submissions for the show are scheduled to open in the summer.

Evolves every year

“The Game Developers Conference evolves with every year, encompassing new trends, new technologies and bringing up new questions for the whole industry to reckon with,” said GDC general manager Katie Stern.

“GDC brings people together and gives developers a space to solve those problems and invent the solutions to help developers make better games that can be enjoyed by more people.

"From the countless indie showcases in and around GDC to the amazing new VR hardware and cloud gaming technology from industry stalwarts, the GDC is a conference for developers of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds.

“This year, we concluded GDC with eyes wide open for the challenges and potential for the future of games. We’re even more in awe of the hard work it takes to create compelling games and appreciative of the connections made here to facilitate better games and better work environments to come.”

We rounded up everything that took place at GDC 2019 right here.