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Adjoe on helping to grow apps through smarter advertisement

Carly Ostasiewski from adjoe spoke with us at PGC Helsinki about the advertising and monetization platform
Adjoe on helping to grow apps through smarter advertisement

Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki made its live return last month and turned out to be our biggest show in the region yet. The event saw 1550+ attendees, 700+ leading companies, and 56 countries represented over the course of two busy days. Over 200 speakers from across the global games market took to the stage to present industry insights, speaking on the challenges and prospects throughout the games industry.

During PGC Helsinki we spoke with some of the industry’s leading companies and influential attendees to talk about what they are currently working on, what lies ahead, and what it is like to be able to attend events in person again.

Ad incentives

director of growth for adjoe, Carly Ostasiewski, spoke with James Gilmour at the event to discuss what the ad tech company is all about. Adjoe has a focus on changing the way apps conduct their user acquisition and monetisation, aiming to use its cutting-edge technologies to allow publishers to scale their apps and maintain user retention by creating ad solutions that engage with audiences. In this discussion, Ostasiewski touches on how adjoe develops ad formats for publishers to create new sources of traffic, the changing landscape of the advertisement world, and also highlights the shift we see towards personalised ad experiences as users seek more reward-based ad incentives.


Ahead of PGC Helsinki we also spoke with the senior partnership manager at adjoe, Hajar Noreddine, who discussed opportunities within the mobile games market and 'playtime' which rewards users for the time they spend playing mobile games.

Our next event is Pocket Gamer Connects Jordan, which takes place November 12-13. Tickets for the event are available for purchase now!