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Latest Adjust report highlights January as strongest month for installs and sessions

A new report by Adjust analyses the EMEA and UK Markets
Latest Adjust report highlights January as strongest month for installs and sessions

A new report by Adjust has delved into analytics surrounding the UK and EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) mobile markets from 2020 to the end of the first half of 2022. It notably focuses on H1 2022.

This report analyses the installs, number of sessions, and average session length for both regions to find the strongest performing genres and identify notable trends.

We've split the details over two pages, one dedicated to each of the regions above: Page 1 as EMEA, and Page 2 as UK.

Back in April of this year we extensively covered Adjust's Mobile App Trends 2022 report which highlighted key changes in the mobile industry, from privacy changes to the value of player retention and changes in user behaviour. 

#1: EMEA



Although fresh installs of mobile games in the EMEA region have slowed down, they still remain higher than they were at the beginning of the pandemic. Compared to the first half of 2021, installs were 20 percent higher in H1 2022.

In both years, January stood out as the best month for mobile gaming installs. In 2021, installs in January were 13 percent higher than the yearly average, while in 2022 they were 18 percent above the H1 average.

Hypercasual titles account for 34 percent of game installs from 2020 to H1 2022, followed by action and puzzle games (11 percent each) and casual and sports titles (eight percent each). However music titles saw the greatest year-on-year install growth in H1 2022, with an 849 percent increase compared to the same period in 2021.

As with installs, January proved to be a strong month for sessions. In 2021, sessions were 8 percent higher this month than the rest of the year, while in January 2022 sessions were 9 percent above the H1average.


The action genre saw the highest share of sessions from 2020 to H1 2022 with 21 percent. This was followed by puzzle titles (14 percent), and sports (11 percent). Despite seeing the largest number of installs, hypercasual titles accounted for only 10 percent of sessions.
Music games were identified as the genre with the largest growth in sessions, with a 528 percentyear-on-year increase. This was followed by racing games (133 percent) and educational games (104 percent).

Session Length

Session length has fallen slightly overall, however the session time in several categories has risen. Adventure and sports titles were the genres with the largest rise in session length, with adventure games increasing from 29.52 minutes to 30.07 minutes, and sports rising from 20.98 to 21.63.

#2: UK



Similarly to the EMEA region, January saw the highest volume of installs in both 2021 and 2022. In 2021, Install rates during the month were 28 percent higher than the yearly average, while in 2022 install rates were 15 percent higher than the H1 average.

From 2020 to the end of H1 2022, hypercasual games saw the majority of fresh installs, at 40 percent. This was followed by puzzle games at 10 percent, and sports titles at 11 percent.

Music games saw the highest year-on-year growth in terms of installs in H1 2022, at 63 percent. Arcade (20 percent), educational (19 percent), board (14 percent) and card games (11 percent) also saw significant year-on-year increases in install rates.


As with installs, January was the best month of the year for sessions in both 2021 (9 percent above the yearly average) and 2022 (14 percent above the H1 average). Puzzle titles saw the largest proportion of sessions at 16 percent. This was followed by word and hypercasual titles, at 11 percent each, and sports games at 10 percent.

Music games saw the largest year-on-year increase in game sessions, at 44 percent. Arcade titles (28 percent), educational games (21 percent), hypercasual games (17 percent) and sports titles (10 percent) also saw significant growth in terms of sessions.

Session Length

Although the average session length has fallen, several subverticals saw a year-on-year increase in the average session time. Strategy titles saw the largest increase in average session length, rising from 29.35 to 32.7 minutes – an increase of 3.35 minutes. This was followed by hypercasual games, which rose 1.83 minutes to 13.16 minutes.