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Adjust launches open-source performance benchmarking tool for mobile apps

Free tool should help publishers track app performance
Adjust launches open-source performance benchmarking tool for mobile apps

Mobile analytics firm Adjust has launched a free open-source tool for benchmarking app performance.

The tool sources information from over 7,000 apps, aiming to provide publishers and marketers with a broad view of the market.

It can be used by developers to measure their games’ performance against trends across regions and platforms. Adjust hopes this will provide a quick and comprehensive alternative to costly benchmarking tools.

Free of charge

“Due to fierce competition, app marketing teams no longer focus solely on their own segments, but seek bigger growth in international markets,” said Adjust CEO Christian Henschel.

“Our benchmarking tool enables mobile marketers to define and benchmark performance across both markets and industries, free of charge.

"It is also the first product of its kind that makes specific KPIs, such as session data, publicly available - helping brands make smart and market-data-driven decisions.”

Adjust’s tool gathered some interesting statistics over the first quarter of this year. Most users fire up two to three sessions per day, increasing over time for paid users.

Japanese gamers meanwhile spend more time per day on mobile games than any other market - a particularly valuable space for acquiring loyal consumers.