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Advertisers paying $10 million for segment exclusivity on iAd

Don't expect to see ads popping up for some time
Advertisers paying $10 million for segment exclusivity on iAd

With sums in the tens of millions of dollars being touted, it would appear Apple's iAd platform has already shaken up the mobile advertising market. 

According to a report by Advertising Age, some of the world's biggest brands are currently squabbling over just who will and won't be seen on iAd, which is officially due to launch this Thursday.

Some have reportedly even been willing to fork out up to $10 million to ensure exclusivity in their particular product segment on the platform, blocking their closest rivals from purchasing slots.

Comparatively, a standard iAd campaign costs $1 million.

Backed by big brands

Nonetheless, while it would appear iAd is fostering a body of elite partners the likes of Disney, AT&T, Chanel, Citi Unilever and Nissan all already signed up the question of just when we'll get to see the fruits of their collective loom appears to be up in the air.

Advertising Age claims Apple's insistence to handle the technical production of the ads in-house a route it believes will ensure quality on the platform is slowing down the process, with many marketeers still stuck at the ideas stage.

Even when they send their creative to Apple, it takes six to eight weeks for the company to produce the goods.

"Most advertisers just won't be there on July 1st," an unnamed agency executive told the site.

"There just isn't enough time."

All eyes on iPad

What's more, Apple is reportedly telling marketers that iAd won't roll out on iPad the device many believe lends itself to the platform until November, with companies holding back ad spend as a result.

All in all, iAds is proving to be one expensive, lengthy, process.

Prices are said to be some of the highest mobile marketers have ever seen, with $10 charged per thousand banner impressions and a $2 cost-per-click rate.

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