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Amazon Appstore becomes major sponsor of Vainglory US & EU Summer Season

Season structure also altered to be more eSports friendly
Amazon Appstore becomes major sponsor of Vainglory US & EU Summer Season

Amazon Appstore has become a platinum sponsor of the Vainglory Summer Season in the US and Europe, which runs through to September 11.

It will host the end of season competitions, while Super Evil Megacorp and Twitch will handle the competitive structure and actual management of the events.

“We’ve been working closely with Amazon since our inaugural Autumn Season Championship, and their passion for and dedication to Vainglory is going to make our Summer season the biggest and best yet,” said Kristian Segerstrale, COO and executive director at Super Evil Megacorp.

“Amazon’s support, along with the continued work from our friends at Twitch, will allow us to put on a top-notch season for Vainglory’s community of millions. We’re excited to kick off the Summer Season today in cooperation with the Amazon Appstore.”

Hateful Eight

The season's competitive structure is also receiving an overhaul to make it more in line with other broadcast eSports.

A new "Evil Eight" tier of competition will see the top eight teams take each other on in weekly tournaments to earn points in championship standings.

There will also be a Challenger tier, which allows up-and-coming teams to take on the bigger teams and potentially earn their own way into the championship finals.

The change has no doubt come about as part of Super Evil and Twitch's three-year partnership deal to grow the game as an eSport.