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Amazon: Fire Phone is the "next piece in the jigsaw"

Google devs need to jump ship
Amazon: Fire Phone is the
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Taking to the stage at this year's Develop in Brighton, it's little wonder that Daniel Winner – Amazon's UK head of business development for its Android-based Appstore – wanted to talk about the recently unveiled Fire Phone.

Winner's talk was effectively a love letter to indie developers, with the Amazon man noting that, even before the launches of Fire TV and Fire Phone, the phone's Appstore has tripled to 240,000 apps during the last year.

Encouraging Google-focused devs to make the switch, Winner also noted that, on average, apps and games monetise "around three times better on Amazon than on Google Play."


"A number of folks see this as a disruptive play," said Winner initially of Fire TV, "and we've had great support from developers, particularly indie developers.

"The ecosystem is continuing to evolve and develop, and the next piece of the jigsaw is Fire Phone. What we wanted to do was build on the success we'd already had with tablets, but also deliver something that was genuinely new and innovative. We've been working on just what that innovation should be over a number of years."

Winner on stage
Winner on stage

Amazon's big USP, of course, is the '3D effect' Dynamic Perspective display that, as Winner was keen to point out, is "exclusive to Fire Phone."

Of course, by being exclusive, questions remains as to just how many cross-platform developers will consider it a feature worth supporting.