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Android activation rate up to 200,000 daily

Boosted by sold out Droid X launch
Android activation rate up to 200,000 daily

Yesterday, Symbian revealed its various hardware partners had sold 27 million smartphone in Q2; that's about 298,000 devices daily.

It's not the only company with solid daily figures though as Google CEO Eric Schmidt has upped the previous 160,000 daily activations of Android devices from June 24 to a new high of 200,000.

Schmidt cited Verizon and Motorola's Droid X is being a recent fillip.

Bigger robot

He was talking with a group of journalists after his panel at the Techonomy conference, and also keen to big up the news that Android had leaped above iPhone shipments in the US for the first six months of 2010.

You can view the entire shakycam exchange, complete with geeky journo humour, forced laughter, and a rather quiet Eric Schmidt, below.

[source: Tech Crunch]