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Android Market swells to 800 apps

Or 5.3% of the App Store, if you like
Android Market swells to 800 apps

Google has revealed that Android Market now has 800 applications available, which would be more impressive if Apple hadn't just talked about its App Store passing the 15,000 mark.

Numbers aren't everything, of course - there's genuine concern about how users are finding their way (or not) around the App Store's huge catalogue.

Plus, of course, Android Market only launched last October, and currently only allows people to distribute apps for free, rather than charge for them.

The key question, then, is whether Android Market will get a significant boost in the number of apps once Google brings in its payment model - expected to be imminently.

Meanwhile, the blogosphere is still awash with rumours of new Android handsets - including one suggesting that HTC's upcoming G2 will ditch the G1's physical keyboard.

We expect a number of new Android phones to be announced officially at Mobile World Congress next month. Naturally, we'll be there on the ground reporting on them.