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Antix Labs launches mobile, STB, PC and PMP game service

Making mobile gaming universal
Antix Labs launches mobile, STB, PC and PMP game service
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Taking cross-platform gaming to the next level, UK technology provider Antix Labs has launched its Game Warehouse service that enables games to be played across mobile phones, set top boxes and PCs.

It uses the company's Antix Game Player, which is a software client that's embedded in consumer electronic devices and enables native and networking gameplay, irrespective of screen size, input device, operating system and chipset.

The Game Warehouse part of the operation handles the resources for storing games and assets in a virtual warehouse, making it easy and cost-effective to distribute games to different devices in a controlled manner.

These include options such as Try Before You Buy, which are available both on device or via a web browser.

Content can also be distributed virally via the cloud or off-network from one device to another such as from a TV to a phone or a PC to an set top box, alleviating bandwidth problems for carriers. The payment transaction is handled via the service provider's store.

Antix provides developer tools and a certification service too.