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Anzu: 70% of US gamers respond well to in-game ads

Players value ad relevance and dislike being interupted
Anzu: 70% of US gamers respond well to in-game ads
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Seven out of 10 US mobile gamers are either positive or neutral towards in game advertising, according to in-game ads firm Anzu.

According to new research from the firm, 50 per cent of respondents between 25 and 44 stated that in-game ads "enhance the gaming experience".

Furthermore, this age bracket is the most receptive to in-game ads, with 78 per cent would welcome more ads in their games. Anzu stated that this highlights that players do not hate ads, but that they dislike "bad ads".

The least receptive to in-game ads were 45 to 64 year old respondents, with only 47 per cent welcoming of ads. This bracket had the highest negative and neutral responses to in-game ads at 19 per cent and 17 per cent respectively.

Majority are receptive to ads

When asked what advice consumers would give to advertisers one of the key themes that appeared across age groups was the relevance of ads. Players also indicated that interrupting gameplay or forcing them to do something they don’t want to do are key turn offs from ads.

A little over half of respondents aged between 25 and 44 stated that being rewarded for engaging in an ad is important, at 51 per cent. Older users found rewards less important, however, a significant percentage still valued the importance of rewarded ads.

The most common platform that respondents played on was mobile with 76 per cent of male respondents and 81 per cent of female respondents saying that they play games on mobile. With 179.2 million monthly gamers in the US, this means there is a market of potentially over 140 million monthly players on mobile for advertisers to target.

Last month, Anzu revealed that it had raised $20 million to further expand its in-game ad solutions, bringing the firm’s total funding to $37 million.

Following on from this, last week, Anzu announced a partnership with InMobi to bring 3D in-game ads to the APAC region.

You can access the firm's full report here.