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Apple highlights The 49 Best iPhone Games You've Never Played

Editorial team break outs new promo
Apple highlights The 49 Best iPhone Games You've Never Played

The content selection might be a bit hit-and-miss but those developers featured in Apple's new The Best Games You've Never Played promotion are no doubt happy with the exposure, despite the backhanded compliment.

The firstfruits of Apple's new editorial team, which is tasked with improving app discovery, the list of 49 titles ranges across many different genres.

Still, best sellers such as Fieldrunners, Homerun 3D Battle, Zenonia 2, The Secret of Monkey Island and Minigore hardly deserve additional attention.

Great games though they are, they've all been extensively played.

Equally, it could be argued that featured publishers such as Square Enix, Chillingo, Gamevil, Com2uS, Taito and LucasArts are quite capable of promoting their games using traditional cash-based marketing muscle if they want to.

Big hand for the little guys

What's more satisfying to see is indie favourites cum commercial underachievers such as iBlast Moki, Soosiz, Eliss and MiniSquadron gaining some extra App Store eyeballs.

And it will certainly be fascinating to see what the impact is in terms of driving sales. In that regard, 49 games (why 49 anyhow?) presented in a contextless smorgasbord grid might not be the best way to gain the attention of Joe Six-Pack.

Top 10 Puzzle Games You've Never Played has more of an editorial ring to it.  At this point, though, it's the thought that counts.

You can see the full breakdown here [iTunes link].