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Apple readying two new iPads for launch in 2012, reckons DigiTimes

iPad 3 in March, followed by iPad 4 in September?
Apple readying two new iPads for launch in 2012, reckons DigiTimes

Despite the fact Apple has never employed such a strategy, commentators love to talk up the possibility of the firm launching multiple versions of iOS hardware.

In 2011, many predicted iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 would launch if not at the same time, within months of each other. Now, DigiTimes claims Apple is planning to roll out two new iPads before the end of 2012.

Tablets for two

The first of the two revisions described as a 'full HD' iPad 3 is being readied for launch this March reports DigiTimes, citing "industry sources in Taiwan".

"The iPad 3 will come with a QXGA (1,536 x 2,048 pixels) display and longer battery life, although its other hardware specifications may not be so amazing as expected," reads the report, claiming the tablet's launch will be coupled with a price drop for iPad 2 to $399.

The suggestion is, iPad 3 will be used to satisfy the high-end of the market while the cut-price iPad 2 will fend off the attack from cheap Android-based tablets, such as Amazon's Kindle Fire.

Good things come

The real iPad upgrade will come in the form of iPad 4, which DigiTimes reports has been pencilled in for launch in September.

Designed to take on the first Windows 8 tablets, the 9.7-inch tablet will sport what's currently being described as "much upgraded hardware specifications" and integrated applications, presumably designed to make the most of the device's new power again, a move that would represent a notable shift in approach for Apple.

DigiTimes' latest round of rumours comes after the site predicted iPad 3 would enter mass production in Q1 2011, ready for a launch by April.

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