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Apple starts 'locking' app screenshots to thwart App Store scams

Closing the loophole
Apple starts 'locking' app screenshots to thwart App Store scams
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In a bid to prevent App Store scams, Apple has removed the ability for developers to change or upload new screenshots once their app has been approved.

Apple's new policy will see screenshots locked in iTunes Connect once an app is approved.

As a result, it's now only possible to upload new screenshots to an existing app when submitting a binary for an update.

Swapping out

In this way, Apple hopes to prevent a popular scamming tactic, whereby unscrupulous developers submit an app for approval, only to swap out its App Store screenshots before going live.

The replacement screenshots would often show gameplay from popular titles such as Temple Run or Minecraft in an attempt to mislead consumers into a purchase.

Upon booting up the application, buyers would find themselves with a completely different app, as in the example below highlighted by MacRumours.

Some developers have already taken to Twitter to complain about the move, however, suggesting that the technique will penalise legitimate apps and make updating screenshots a labourious process.

The suggestion is, Apple's efforts would be better focused on strengthening its app review team, or giving developers and consumers better tools to report rogue apps.

[source: Apple]