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AppLift unveils AppLift Labs to innovate ad tech

Developing new methods of user acquisition and engagement
AppLift unveils AppLift Labs to innovate ad tech

Berlin-based mobile marketing company AppLift has announced the launch of AppLift Labs.

Headed up by AppLift's Chief Innovation Officer, Vaibhav Gupta, it will be based in San Francisco and develop new methods of user acquisition and engagement.

The team will be made up of both internal and external applicants, as well as taking advice from consultants and external stakeholders.

“Mobile marketing is one of the fastest-growing industries in the history of technology and it is incumbent upon established companies such as AppLift to keep the pace and continue to lead innovation by seizing new opportunities,” said Gupta.

Marketing minds

“AppLift Labs will provide a dedicated, supportive environment in which the most entrepreneurial-minded and innovative ad tech professionals can tackle our industry’s key challenges.”

AppLift Labs is already working on two projects, although the results of these won't be shared until the beginning of 2016.

The new task force marks further expansion for AppLift, which in March opened new offices in Beijing, Dehli and Tokyo.

Anyone interested in jobs at AppLift Labs, should check out the website