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AppsFlyer's Alexander Grach on the in-game events you need to be measuring

Making the most of your data
AppsFlyer's Alexander Grach on the in-game events you need to be measuring

As part of White Nights Helsinki 2016, Alexander Grach, Sales Executive – Eastern Europe & Turkey for AppsFlyer, gave a talk on the in-app events you should be measuring.

"We all started by measuring impressions and clicks" said Grach, but because installs do not necessarily equate to revenue, it's become more important to track how the players are actually using the game.

There are two types of in-app event according to Grach – Standard and Rich, with Standard events being limited to a single specific parameter, while a rich event has multiple parameters that can last for a longer period.

Don't lose track

Knowing which one of these events you should track depends on what you actually want to achieve in your game.

If, for example, you wanted to increase the virality of your game, it's important to track your invites and shares, and see when and why players are performing these actions.

Grach also recommended "zooming in" on your players, and segmenting them into different groups so you can better track what these kinds of players are doing with your game.

This can be useful for retargeting lapsed players, either looking at players who are similar to players that your standard targeting strategies work for, or looking at specific players, such as players who have stopped playing for a certain amount of time but showed a certain LTV, and so on.