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Are NFTs the future of games? Hear from the experts at Pocket Gamer Connects Jordan!

PG Connects is coming to Jordan this November 12th to 13th – don’t miss buying your ticket today and joining us this weekend!
Are NFTs the future of games? Hear from the experts at Pocket Gamer Connects Jordan!

Want to know all the most current, accurate information about NFTs and their role in the future of gaming but you’re not entirely sure where to find reliable information? Join us at Pocket Gamer Connects Jordan for cutting-edge expert wisdom on NFTs and the future of gaming as it involves these unique digital assets!

We’re coming back to Jordan on November 12th to 13th, and you won’t want to miss everything we have in store for you at this unmissable conference. The MENA region is a key area of growth for the games industry, and we couldn’t be more excited to get to have a show in the magnificent country of Jordan once more. Pocket Gamer Connects Jordan going to truly be an elevated conference experience. This is going to be our biggest conference in the MENA region yet, and you won’t want to miss connecting with incredible brands and industry professionals you may have otherwise never crossed paths with at our North American and European conferences!

The show is taking place at an all-new luxurious venue right on the shore of the Dead Sea, and over 1,000 games industry professionals from 30 different countries are joining us to hear from over 100 of the industry’s top thought leaders. Our amazing speakers will be discussing all the most pressing topics facing the games industry today over the course of two jam-packed days filled with insightful talks, seminars and panels. You won’t want to miss a minute!

Each day leading up to the conference, we’ll be sharing a little bit about the content you can look forward to learning about, and today, we're talking about our NFT Know-How track at PG Connects Jordan. In this track, we’ll be discussing Non-fungible tokens: how unique digital assets are changing the way we play today. You’ll get to learn all about how we’re going from Indie Gamedev to Metaverses and NFTs: the how and why as well as a reality check from F2P to P2E. You won’t want to miss this track if you are a developer looking to delve into monetisation through NFTs and those looking for a clear and concise definition of NFTs and how they play a role in gaming today.

Keep reading for the details on what this track is all about!

NFT Know-How: November 13th
11:40 - We’re kicking off the track with a conversation on from Indie GameDev to Metaverses and NFTs: The How & Why with Haetham Alhaddad of Golden Eagle!
12:00 - Don’t miss a session on From F2P to P2E - A Reality Check with Martine Spaans of Tamalaki!

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We are only a few days away from our grand return to the MENA region, and we would love for you to join us. Don’t miss your chance to have a front row seat at these sessions and hear from our brilliant speakers! Head over to our official website and book your ticket to our biggest show in the MENA region yet while you still can.

See you in Jordan!