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Armor Games implements four-day working week

Follows announcement of Crush the Castle: Legacy Collection
Armor Games implements four-day working week
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Armor Games, publisher of Crush the Castle, will move to a permanent four-day working week structure, following a three-month trial period.

According to Armor Games CEO John Cooney, the latest survey showed 87.5 per cent of employees felt ready to implement the change permanent, and 100 per cent of employees felt their productivity was equal to or better than a five-day working week.

Cooney stated in a Twitter thread: "We're still working through the challenges. The world still works Fridays (and Saturday and Sunday), some processes don't see the productivity benefits of a short week as much as others. The team has been patient and pragmatic, acknowledging issues and helping to work on solutions."

However, Cooney concluded: "I'm extremely happy with the four-day workweek at Armor Games and how the team leaned into making it work (on top of everything else). We have cool people here who trusted us to try this experiment. It paid off."

Such pronounced efforts to adjust the work-life balance within the mobile games industry include Finnish mobile games outfit Fingersoft's trial scheme of reduced working hours in September 2021, offering all employees the option to work 80 per cent of their usual weekly hours at 90 per cent pay.

The announcement comes after the announcement of Crush the Castle: Legacy Collection, a mobile and PC bundle of the original web series compiling Crush the Castle 1, 2, and Adventures. The Legacy Collection is expected to launch on March 1 2022.