Nintendo shares fall 5% following Super Mario Run launch

Still better than pre-Pokemon GO days

Nintendo shares fall 5% following Super Mario Run launch

Shares in Nintendo dropped by 5% following the launch of Super Mario Run.

The company's market value dropped by $2 billion as the game launched around the world. It later recovered to just a 4% drop by the time the markets closed.

Concerns surrounding the game include the price tag of $9.99 and the fact that the game won't be available on Android devices until an unspecified time in 2017.

Could be worse

That said, Nintendo's shares are currently valued higher than they were before the launch of Pokemon GO. It should also be noted that its shares jumped up by 3.7% on December 9th during the build-up to Super Mario Run's launch.

It could also rise again once the uncertainties surrounding the game's prospects have died down and shareholders get data on how the game has actually performed.

Super Mario Run is currently the top grossing in eight countries, including in the US. It is also the top downloaded game in at least 49 countries.

[Source: Sky News]


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