Italic Pig's Mona Lisa wins the inaugural Big Indie Awards in association with indieSky

Hidden Folks takes second as The Almost Gone ranks third

Italic Pig's Mona Lisa wins the inaugural Big Indie Awards in association with indieSky

Italic Pig's Mona Lisa has been crowned the winner of the inaugural Big Indie Awards 2017 in association with indieSky.

The ceremony, which took place in Shenzhen, China and was attended by hundreds of local developers, recognised creativity and innovation in the indie games development space across the globe.

Many of the contestants were previously winners and pitchers from our Big Indie Pitch competitions this year - we're set to hit 20 BIPs in 2017 alone.

We had an array of prizes up for grabs worth over $25,000 including a share of $15,000 of marketing promotion, $5,000 of expo space/tickets at PG Connects and $5,000 cash.

There can be only one

But only one developer could be named the winner of the Big Indie Awards, an accolade that went to Mona Lisa by Italic Pig.

Set in Renaissance Italy, Mona Lisa puts players into the shoes of Florence’s greatest ever art thief. One who steals these great paintings by swapping them out with flimsy forgeries, forgeries that they player themselves must create. It's one of the most unique games to ever enter the Big Indie Pitch.

In second place meanwhile was indie hidden object title Hidden Folks by Adriaan De Jongh & Sylvain Tegroeg.

In third place was mystery point-and-click adventure The Almost Gone by Happy Volcano.

Below you can view the full list of the top 10 games in alphabetical order below.

A Bleaker Predicklmenet - Rumpus Animation
BalanCity - Giant Monkey Robot
Die Fish - Wave 7 Games
Hidden Folks - Adriaan De Jongh and Sylvain Tegroeg
Maruta Escape - Busan Sanai Games
Mona Lisa - Italic Pig
Ocmo - Team Ocmo
Tacticool - Panzerdog
The Almost Gone - Happy Volcano
Where Shadows Slumber - Game Revenant

Developers of the top three games in the Big Indie Awards in association with indieSky

Congratulations to all the developers who made it into the top 10 and thank you to everyone who submitted their games for consideration and to those who participated in this year's Big Indie Pitch events.

A big thank you to the Big Indie Awards 2017 sponsor indieSky for making the event possible and putting on a great show.

As well as the awards ceremony, the event included a conference featuring speakers from Gram Games, iDreamSky and a panel starring the top Big Indie Awards winners, offering local developers tips for success in the industry and informing them of global mobile trends.

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